Detroit River Story Lab

(Photo: Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography)

The University of Michigan’s Detroit River Story Lab (DRSL) is an interdisciplinary, grant-funded initiative that partners with regional organizations to reconnect communities with the river and its stories. Through collaborative research, education, and engagement projects, our partnerships amplify marginalized voices and foreground the role of the river and its shores as sites of connection, stewardship, and healing.

Principal Investigator: David Porter

Faculty Co-PIs on DRSL Project Grants: María Arquero de Alarcón, Angela Dillard, Melissa Duhaime, Rebecca Hardin, Kristin Hass, Chauncey Monte-Sano

Graduate Student Contributors: Samantha L. Adams, Leila Braun, Gene Estrada, Bailey Flannery, Kayla Grant, Martha Henzy, Elana Maloul, Talitha Pam, Taru Taru



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