Centering the Northern Realms: Integrating Histories and Archaeologies of the Mongol Empire (1200 to 1500 CE)

(Photo: Kim Sanchez)

This project came together as an equal collaboration between anthropologists, historians, and linguists and focuses on uncovering the people, practices, and places that existed along the margins of the Northern Realms of the Mongol Empire. In comparison to the more central located cities of the empire, such as Karakorum, the Northern Realm is much less known and explored, so the patterns of human habitation, landscape use, and population in this area are scarcely understood.  

Principal Investigator: Alicia R. Ventresca Miller

Project Team: Juhn Y. Ahn, Miranda Brown, Pär Cassel, Golriz Farshi, Kara Larson, James Meador, Bryan K. Miller, Brendan Nash, Brendan Nieubuurt, Susanne Reichert, Kimberly Sanchez, Sangseraima Ujeed, Andrea Valedón-Trapote, Jian Zhang


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