Ann Arbor Art+Feminism 2023

Artists and activists who identify as women, non-binary, trans, queer, Black, Indigenous, or People of Color only make up a fraction of contributors and content subjects in Wikipedia. Don’t miss this panel of independent and avant-garde game designers, artists, and academics whose work specifically addresses the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality in digital art, design, and code. DJ Tammy Lakkis provided Wikipedia editors with motivational tunes.


Amanda Phillips (Georgetown University), author of Gamer Trouble: Feminist Confrontations in Digital Culture

Emilia Yang (University of Michigan), artist, activist, designer, researcher and creator of Downtown Browns

Diamond E.B. Porter (Washington State University) game developer, artist, critical maker

Moderator: Tony Bushner (University of Michigan)

An Art + Feminism blinky light pin was created, based on Allana Tran’s designs.