Documenting Criminalization, Confinement, and Resistance

Documenting Criminalization, Confinement, and Resistance (DCCR) is the umbrella research initiative of the Carceral State Project (CSP), an interdisciplinary collaboration designed to bring impacted communities and advocacy organizations together with researchers from the University of Michigan. The first phase of the CSP’s research agenda, titled “Documenting Criminalization and Confinement,” received grant funding from the Humanities Collaboratory and involved almost three hundred campus and community researchers between 2019-2022. The current phase has received major funding from the College of LSA’s Meet the Moment initiative for an expanded project, “Confronting the Carceral State,” running from 2022-2027. The DCCR research collaboration is a multifaceted humanistic study of the historical and contemporary processes of criminalization, policing, incarceration, immigrant detention, and other forms of carceral control in the state of Michigan and across the United States.


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