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To provide digital scholarship information and resources to students, faculty, and researchers in support of research and instruction at the University of Michigan.

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Get support for all stages of your research — from the planning stage to funding strategies, help with formatting and citations, and sharing and preserving your work.

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We leverage the resources of the U-M Library, LSA, and the University of Michigan to provide our digital scholarship service.

Project Highlights

  • Navigating Disability in 19th-Century America

    Navigating Disability in 19th-Century America

    This exhibit brings together materials from the Clements Library at the University of Michigan that illuminate the history of disability in the nineteenth-century United States. Most of these artifacts are representative…

  • Crafting Democratic Futures

    Crafting Democratic Futures

    Crafting Democratic Futures (CDF) project is a national network of humanities scholars located at nine geographically and organizationally diverse colleges and universities to develop research-informed, community-based reparations plans for each location.…

  • The Egalitarian Metropolis

    The Egalitarian Metropolis

    The Michigan-Mellon Project on the Egalitarian Metropolis is an Urban Humanities Initiative organized around a partnership of humanists, architects/urban designers/planners, and community leaders. A collaboration between the University of Michigan’s Taubman College…

  • The First 100: Chicanas Changing History

    The First 100: Chicanas Changing History

    This project was one of six Anti-Racist Digital Research Initiative (ARDRI) awardees and led by Dr. Lorena Chambers, a Postdoctoral Fellow in History and American Culture at U-M, and Dr. Margaret Salazar Porzio, Curator at…

Upcoming Events & Workshops

  • In this DIY Digital Scholarship workshop, we will be discussing how to prepare your data and curate data sets for research and publication. OpenRefine is an open-source tool that can wrangle your “messy” data. For anyone getting started with data analysis using complex and large data sets, OpenRefine is a good introductory tool. This workshop […]
  • Tropy, a free tool for managing research photos. If you are doing archival research, you might have hundreds or thousands of photos. And if you’ve ever tried to organize images using other desktop programs, you know they can get out of order or lost, and there is no easy way to mark them up. Tropy […]